[GET] Jeweliet Tangen – A Guide To $500k+ Using Only Organic Marketing Free Download

Let me first do my part to scare of the “wantrepreneurs” on this page… Here’s what this course will NOT do for you:  ✔️ How to setup your funnel and Facebook advertising account (there are tons of courses out there that can teach you how to spend money on ads) 
✔️Teach you how to get rich quickly by taking shortcuts or scamming people
✔️Tell you exactly what your business should sell and help you create your products  None of that would help you anyways. 
And I know what you’re thinking… “Is organic really the way to go at the beginning?” and  “Is it as effective as paid advertising?” 
Rather than explain the magical powers of organic scaling and how it’s better in the long run blah blah blah…. 
I’d rather just show you how effective these organic strategies are. 
At the beginning of 2019 we did a split test with two entrepreneurs that were nearly identical. 
✔️They were brand new with no previous experience, testimonials, or social proof  ✔️ They were both going into the same niche  ✔️ They were around the same age, and looked very similar psychically 

The ONLY difference was that one entrepreneur worked with my team and I on establishing a stong brand online and monetizing it… 
While the other guy launched a Facebook ad campaign that looked liked: 
Ad > Optin > Webinar > Schedule Call > Sell on the Call
In 4 months, the results were insane. 
The guy running ads was at a respectable $25k per month in revenue, while spending about $7.4k on ads… 
And the guy who stuck with the organic strategies was at $43k per month, with $0 adspend. 
In this test, our organic scaling strategies worked twice as fast AND took our client twice as far that Facebook ads did. 

Jeweliet Tangen – A Guide To $500k+ Using Only Organic Marketing Free Download